We are happy to welcome you to our new improved website which as before is specifically focussed on the interests of Teapot Collectors.

You will find a large selection of teapots from some of the most illustrious 18th 19th and particularly 20th century Factories and Designers.

Our main selection is currently dedicated to the later 19th century and 20th century period of Novelty teapots which offers a rich source of some of the most innovated adaptations of the Human form, Animals, Birds, Fishes, Buildings, Land Sea and Air related items, Political caricature, Nursery ware, and many other categories.

Hopefully you will find it easier than ever to search the website to find your area of interest.

However, if you have any particular teapot that you wish to add to your collection that is not currently available on our website, you are most welcome to email us and we will inform you immediately one becomes available.

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