Many of the teapots for sale on our site do not include postage/shipping/insurance, unless clearly stated.

Since most individual items vary both in size and weight our shipping policy is tailored to each individual buyer and the specific item or items they are purchasing. We principally use Royal Mail’s various delivery services or Parcelforce Special Delivery, for delivery in the UK and the Chanel Islands.

For international shipping we use Royal Mail, or alternatively clients own choice of courier services such as Fedex or the like, which can provide quicker delivery and will insure against loss or damage…but obviously at a higher cost.

In such instances we will liaise with each purchaser before payment to ensure the service they prefer is provided.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that the maximum effort in packing each item very securely in order to minimise possible damage caused to fragile ceramic items by rough handling in transit. It is thankfully an extremely rare eventuality that results in items arriving in a damaged condition and in such circumstances we will endeavour to put things to right.

Q. What does the box in the right hand corner inviting Quick Search do?

A. This box allows you to bring up a specific teapot,type,or a group of teapots that relate to the key word: for example Cottage will bring up teapots in the form cottages, or cteapots with cottage designs.

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