We are an independent business which has been based in North Wales for many years and is probably best known for our extensive personal Teapot Collection which was on display for many years in one of the historic medieval Towers in Conwy, and known as The Teapot Museum.

I have something like forty years of experience of collecting teapots to my credit and am happy to share my knowledge with collectors and others interested in the rarefied world of the teapot.

Very shortly we will have a reference gallery of teapot images including ‘Sold archive’ posted separately on our new website. This will consist of a huge selection of antique and later teapots which will amuse and delight and I hope prove to be interesting and informative with regard to the evolution of teapot-design. Watch this space!

We will continue to offer valuation guidance for insurance purposes, and a modest one-off charge of £6.00 for single items. Please email us for the evaluation of multiple item or collections for an estimate.

We cannot value unseen and unexamined items, and any such email request should be accompanied by photographs or digital images, together with item dimensions and a condition report. We are also content to make an offer for selected items that we may wish to purchase.

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