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Factory : Sunshine Ceramics

Designer : Paul Cardew

Type : Flowers and Garden

Period : 20th Century

Condition : Fine

Origin : British

Rarity : Extremely Rare

Size : 10” x 8”

Cactus Teapot… this is a very early Cardew design and regarded as extremely rare. It has an iridescent lustre over-glaze and is a large teapot .In the mid 2000's this teapot has brought around £800 in auction, and considerably more retail! It comes from a private collection and is in very good condition, and the usual age related fine crazing .

The vulture varies slightly from pot to pot, all very scarce.

Back-stamp : Sunshine Ceramics 1987 made in England.
(See: Bramah collection p 307)

Further Details

Produced during the first period of Paul Cardew at Sunshine Ceramics studio...1970's. There are some minor variations of this pot...all are rarely found.

Mark: 121 in gilt

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