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Tumbling Clowns original Carltonware version
Special Offer
This is the original version of the Carltonware Lustre Pottery teapot by Roger Mitchell made in the early 1980's. It is regarded as very rare, and in my long experience is indeed that. This particular teapot is the one that was in the Bramah collection and is illustrated in his book on page 177 (#438). NOW OFFERED AT 220 PREVIOUSLY THIS POT WAS SOLD FOR 375..LAST ONE


Walking ware
+ £6.00 p&p

Walking Ware teapot
Special Offer
Waking Ware by Carltonware Lustre Pottery, Staffordshire , design by Roger Michell and Danka Napriokowska.
This is the early original first version of this teapot, now comparatively rare

NOTE: The socks on the feet of this pot are pink, not blue as in the image....will update new image if pot has not sold in the mean time.

+ £6.50 p&p


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